The 10 Best Gifts for Her Birthday present that are both unique and beautiful.

Birthdays are a great celebration, but these days the birthday gifts on offer can sometimes be uninspiring. You want to have something unique, that your mum, wife or other special person will remember. That is why we have a range of gifts for her birthday on offer.

We hand-pick several options that can provide a memorable birthday surprise for many and can cater for a wide range of tastes. So what are the best gifts for her birthday that we have on the store? Here is a list of ten options for you to choose between.

1. Cute Chick Pincushion

This item is a replica of an antique pin cushion that was made by Sampson Mordan. They are very challenging to find and normally if you’re able to find one, it can be very expensive. The original versions were produced in the early 20th century. This is an affordable alternative that is very close to the original design.

It has a unique design that is iconic and will impress anyone. It has been made using silver-plated metal. These gifts were very popular in the Victorian era.

It is the perfect gift for her birthday if she loves needle craft and will make a charming addition to any sewing box.

2. Lisbon Tram Framed Poster

If she has ever wanted to go to Lisbon but you’re finding it hard to get the time to get there, or perhaps would like to remind her of a past visit to the beautiful city, this poster is a great option. The iconic city is immortalised in the beautiful poster that is framed to preserve it.

The poster is one of the top options to add a little additional scenery into any room. The poster comes in a white or black wooden frame that looks awesome. It also comes in a variety of different sizes.

Everything you need to hang the picture is included.

3. 3 Cup Long Candle Holder

The 3 Cup Long Candle Holder is the perfect addition to any table or ledge. The three small candles will add a light glow to the room while the holder protects the candles from going out from slight drafts.
Made from iron and glass, the holder is beautifully designed and can be the centrepiece of any display whether on a bookcase or on a dinner table at a party. The weight of the holder is enough to ensure that it can’t just be knocked over, making it stable.

If she loves to sit and relax, then this candle holder can be the perfect addition to the room giving a relaxing atmosphere to any room.

4. Treble Clef Earrings

Earrings are a very classic gift for a wife or girlfriend and these beautiful options are perfect for the music lover. This set is based on the Art Nouveau period and these options can still be found in production today. However, these period pieces are created in a modern way for sustainability.

The silver-plated earrings have stainless steel wires that measure 30 mm (1 1/8 inch) in length. With the elegant design, they are a great option for both everyday use and special occasions.

5. Holly Leaf Drop Earrings

These holly leaf drop earrings are a perfect option for women who love Christmas and winter. These pretty seasonal earrings are made from Paua shell with three sparkly encased crystals at the top.

These are very light and precision-made so they hang beautifully and look and feel great. Their elegant, eye-catching design makes them a perfect addition to any formal or party outfit.

While these are designed for Christmas, they can be used throughout the colder months to add a little seasonal cheer. They drop approximately 26 mm, a great length for many people.

6. Chakra Glass Bead Necklace

This necklace has multicoloured glass beads that represent the 7 Chakra’s, which are seven different energy points of the body.

In addition to having a mystical connection, the coloured beads look really beautiful and make a fantastic addition to many outfits. The pendant is about 100 mm long and there is a chain that measures 18 inches.

If she has special connections to spirituality and health and well being, then this is the perfect gift for her birthday.

7. Wood Heart Necklace

This is a lovely little gift for her birthday that is understated but shows just how much you care.

The wood heart necklace looks beautiful as it is suspended from the 18-inch chain. The wood heart necklace measures 40mm wide and 45 mm deep. It is very lightweight and it is perfect for everyday wear.

Made from sustainably resourced wood and compliant with EU Reach regulations on nickel, cadmium and lead content. Therefore, this necklace is perfect because it is hypoallergenic.

8. Mare and Foal Brooch

Brooches are becoming more and more popular these days and this one is certainly something that can be given as a perfect birthday gift if she loves horses or nature.

This beautiful design features a running mare and foal. It measures 45mm across. The artistic jewellery shows grace and the design of the brooch looks like a frozen moment in life. The striking detail on the artfully rendered piece is something that is going to make a memorable gift for any horse lover or someone that appreciates fine jewellery.

This piece of jewellery is also based on the original art nouveau style, which is very sought after and is known as being one of the top pieces from the early 20th century.

9. Lizard Shaped Sculpture Garden Decor

Geckos running up and down walls in warmer places across the world are a common sight, so why not add this illusion into her garden? This artistic gecko is made from metals that are naturally and realistically colours. One can be affixed to the wall of the home, garden fence or onto an outbuilding with ease.


This is a really fun piece to brighten anyone’s garden.

10. Tea Pot set with white stone design

This teapot set comes with a white stone design that looks excellent as the centrepiece on any table. It is the perfect gift for her birthday if she loves tea and hosting guests.

The ceramic teapot measure 14cm x 12 cm x 6 cm and comes with a couple of cups that can hold about 80ml of tea within them. Perfect for a little herbal tea in the afternoon with her favourite book.

This gift will come packed in a gift box that includes a metal strainer for loose teas.

There are other tea pot designs that are available as well – see them here

Final Word: The 10 Best Gifts for Her Birthday

Are you looking to get the best gifts for her birthday? Above are ten of the options that you have that are unique, stylish and can put a smile on her face. All items can be delivered for free within the UK and are dispatched within two working days.

Which gift will you choose?