10 Gifts for Dad

The 10 Best Gifts for Dad

Dads are sometimes the hardest people to buy a gift for. They’re either very specific in what they want or they don’t let you know. Perhaps they have everything they think they want or perhaps they’re just really quiet. However, you will want to be looking at unique and the best gifts for dad.

So whether you’re looking for a Christmas, birthday, anniversary or another gift for dad, here are 10 options for you to choose from.

1. Chick Eggcup breakfast gift

Does your dad love to eat a boiled egg sometimes for breakfast? Then why not get him something that will make the breakfast experience a little more special. This elegant and charming chick eggcup is a great gift. It is silver plated to provide that elegant touch and it looks stunning on any breakfast table. The design of the decorations on the eggcup is wonderful.

The eggcup comes with a lovely chick’s head cover that keeps the contents inside secret. It can also keep the egg warm with ease until your dad is ready to eat. This eggcup can also be bought in a group that allows you to have them for the whole family.

2. Money Money Basketball sock

Money Basketball socks are very popular and these socks are printed in the UK with a custom design that gives them a unique and fun style. They will certainly bring a smile to your dad’s face.

But their look isn’t the only good thing about these socks, these socks are really comfortable and great for both casual and sporty outfits. They can accompany any outfit that your father owns.

These are machine-washable socks and the design does not fade over time.

3. Wolf Unisex hoodie

If your father is a wolf or nature lover, then this might be the perfect gift for him. The simple and stylish design is perfect for any occasion. Whether your dad likes to spend his summer evenings on the beach or spending their Christmas holidays in a mountain lodge, this unisex hoodie is perfect. The soft and comfortable material will become a firm favourite item in their wardrobe.

The hoodie is made from materials that are sourced from North America. It is perfect for any dad that likes a regular fit and simple hoodie. There are five different sizes that you can order the hoodie in. There’s also the opportunity that you can buy one for your mum as well so she will not feel left out.

4. Laburnum Design Writing Paper Set

Writing is still a popular activity for many dads, especially if you live far away and they love to send you letters every so often. This gift is the perfect option for those dads who still like to write. It comes with a beautiful laburnum spray design that is on the front page.

The set will provide you with 25 flower design pages with another 25 plain section pages for when your dad would like to write more. In addition, there are 25 envelopes with the flower design.

Each piece of paper is just over the convenient A5 size. This gift will look lovely when your dad opens it up.

5. Hare and Moon Pillbox in Paua Shell

This Abalone shell pillbox has a beautiful hare and moon design on it that is elegant and stunning. The pillbox’s design features a delightful hare that is gazing up at the moon. The pillbox is 50 mm across and therefore is large enough that it can carry all those important pills for the day.

All our jewellery is made from the highest quality materials that are sustainably sourced. This item is also hypoallergenic and conforms to the EU regulations on nickel, cadmium and lead.

When you order the Hare and Moon pillbox in Paua shell, the item will be sent in a luxurious plush velvet pouch.

Found any ideas for that ideal gift for Dad yet?

6. Elliptical cuff links in Paua shell

These are strikingly beautiful cuff link set that can be added to your father’s shirt cuffs with ease. They will add a unique touch that is subtly elegant. The cuff links are made from sustainably sourced abalone shell that can also be known as Paua shell. The cuff links are 20 mm across.

The cuff links are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. They are compliant with EU laws on nickel, cadmium and lead.

When you purchase these elliptical cuff links in Paua shell, they will arrive in a  gift bag that adds a little more luxuriousness to the gift you’re giving your dad.

7. Koru Spiral cuff links in Paua shell

These are a strikingly beautiful Abalone shell cuff links that can be added to any shirt with ease. The koru spiral design that measures approximately 18 mm across looks lovely and makes a good accessory for numerous outfits and almost any occasion.

This item is sustainably sourced from the highest quality abalone shell. It is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic and is compliant with EU laws on nickel, cadmium and lead.

This item is dispatched within a gift pouch that makes it a lovely gift to give to your dad.

8. Photo Frame Set- silver-plated frames

If your dad likes to adorn his home or office with photos of you and the rest of the family, then this might be the perfect option. This set of four photo frames, silver plated with unique designs on them are great. They’re very robust with their own inbuilt stands for easy placement on any desk, side or bookcase.

All your dad will have to do is to choose the pictures that he wants to fill the picture frames. And these can be easily inserted. You could even add the photos for him to make the gift extra special.

Picture frames are a great gift for dad, no matter what the occasion. So whether you’re picking out a birthday, anniversary, father’s day or Christmas gift, seriously consider this set of four picture frames.

9. Document Holder – English Pike Fish

If your father likes to sit at his desk to do paperwork or loves to fish, then this English pike fish document holder is a great gift idea. The silver-plated desk tidier has amber eyes and an elegant design that is absolutely beautiful and has a luxurious feeling.

The document holder has been hand finished and is antiqued for a touch that makes it look more impressive. The holder is 14.5 cm long and 6 cm wide. It has been designed so it will sit on a desk or can be hung on a nearby wall for easy storage.

The holder has a strong spring clip that can hold numerous documents and notes. This is a great option to go with the paper writing set and the decorative tape holder.

10. Decorative Tape Dispenser for the Desk

The decorative tape dispenser is a great addition to any dad desk. It is for the man who really loves to spend time on their desk doing work, writing or focusing on other hobbies. The beautiful tape dispenser is silver plated looks stunning and has been crafted based on a design that has been used by the Royal Household of The Duke of Windsor. The unique design cannot be found anywhere else.

The dispenser has a heavy base that makes it stable.

The dispenser can be added to a gift set that includes the writing paper and the document holder if you want to add to the gift set that you’re giving to your father.

Final Word: The 10 Best Gifts for Dad

Are you looking for the best gifts for dad? Here are ten options available for you to buy now. Any order that is being delivered to an address within the UK can benefit from faster delivery times and free shipping.

What will you get your dad?