Cute Pin Cushion

Cute Pin Cushion – The Perfect Gift for Sewing Enthusiasts!

Are you looking for a cute pin cushion for the sewing enthusiast in your life? This beautiful sewing pin cushion is made from silver plated metal, giving it a truly beautiful finish. In fact, this vintage pin cushion will make a great ornamental piece at the centre of a home sewing station!

A unique pin cushion, the piece is an exact replicate of the iconic chicken pin cushion made famous by Sampson Mordan.

While few originals are available today, this beautiful piece is a faithful replica of the timeless antique pin cushion from Sampson Mordan.

The original antique pin cushion was crafted by renowned British silversmith Sampson Mordan in the early 20th century. Pin cushions such as this were hugely popular gifts during the Victorian era when sewing was a mainstay in most households.

Unfortunately, most or the original sewing pin cushions from Sampson Mordan are incredibly difficult to find. Any of the antique pin cushion still in circulation will set you back a fair price, making it inaccessible to most

Thankfully, this detailed replica lets you enjoy the charm and style of the vintage pincushion – but for an affordable price!

Whether you know a sewing pin cushion collector or someone that loves sewing, this chicken pin cushion makes for a wonderful gift.

This cute pin cushion is designed to resemble an adorable baby chick as it hatches from an egg. Measuring 45 mm (13/4 inch), the small yet detailed sewing pin cushion also features a soft padded blue velvet pin pad to ensure no pins go missing as you sew.

The rich blue velvet padding contrasts wonderfully with the soft silver plating on the chick – it’s an elegant and sophisticated design that is perfect for any sewing enthusiast in your life.

Of course, it’s a functional pin cushion for sewing too. The thick velvet cushion offers ample space for various sewing pins and needles, reducing the hassle of searching for those dropped bits and pieces that commonly go missing when sewing.

This beautiful vintage pin cushion comes in a small box, making it easy to wrap as a gift. It is the perfect gift for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, communions, or just a special treat for the sewer you love.

So why not buy this cute pin cushion now