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guide to abundance before the secret

Some people seem to attract success, power, wealth, attainment, with very little conscious effort; while others seem to conquer life with great difficulty; still others fail altogether to reach their ambitions, desires and ideals.

Why is this so:

Why should some men realize their ambitions easily, others with difficulty, and still others not at all? The cause cannot be physical, else the most perfect men, physically, would be the most successful.

The difference, therefore, must be mental – must be in the mind; hence mind must be the creative force, must constitute the sole difference between men.

It is mind, therefore, which overcomes environment and every other obstacle in the path of men.

Find out the secrets before the “Secrets” – understand what you need to do to capture the Master Key system to reach the abundance you deserve.

It is my privilege to enclose herewith The Master Key System. Would you bring into your life more power, get the power consciousness, more health, get the health consciousness, more happiness, get the happiness consciousness. Live the spirit of these things until they become yours by right. It will then become impossible to keep them from you. The things of the world are fluid to a power within man by which he rules them.

You need not acquire this power. You already have it. But you want to understand it; you want to use it; you want to control it; you want to impregnate yourself with it, so that you can go forward and carry the world before you.

No magic – no flim flam – just plain learning to succeed.

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