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Blue John coloured tin box with hinged lid

What a fabulously multi coloured Tin box with barrel shaped Lid.

The colour is called Blue John (Bleu Jeanne) and is copied from a mineral that is found only in Derbyshire, England; currently mined only at two sites. 

The purple, cream, yellow and violet mineral can be turned on a lathe into shapes that bring out the beauty of the natural stone. 

Our box shows real Blue John coloured tin

It is a frangible mineral, so, in order for Blue John to be cut successfully without breaking into fragments the stone was at one time soaked in shellac.  

Now modern resins have the same effect of tying all the crystals together. Antiques survive of decorative pillars, candlesticks and urns and are very expensive in fine condition. 

Our tin is based upon samples mined in the Treak Cliff Cavern early in the twenty first century. 

Something stylish and practical – can hold all sorts of nick-nacks, trinkets and even be a presentation box full of chocolates.

You provide the chocolates or gifts and look at the joy on the face of the receiver.

This hinged box measures 100mm x 70mm x 96mm (4 inches x 2 3/4 inches x 3 7/8 inches).

Our Blue John tin box makes a great gift idea

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