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cream pearl necklace

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Cream Pearl Necklace

This necklace is filled with Freshwater pearls of 5mm diameter. Coloured in shades of NATURAL Cream pearls. (These pearls are not dyed – cheaper and nastier necklaces have dyed pearls where the colour rubs off leaving false beads)

The necklace is 18 inches long with a Solid Gold (9carat gold) fish image clasp.

Every pearl is knotted in place so that none will be lost if the necklace ever breaks. As a child I can remember my aunt scrambling on the floor chasing loose pearls all over the place because her pearls were not knotted.

A Cream Pearl Necklace is so elegant

Knotted pearls are only ever specified for the most expensive pearls, so the overall effect is one of extravagance at an unbeatable price.

“CULTURED” pearls are not cultured at all;  they are layers of nacre or pearlising laid down by the oysters in the sea upon man-made shell spheres introduced into each shell.  The layer of pearl can wear away leaving an awful “hole” in the nacre.

By comparison “freshwater pearls” are SOLID nacre.  However the freshwater mussels rarely grow very large pearls.  Pearls more than 8mm are extremely expensive because they are so rare.

The value of these freshwater pearls lies in the evenness of the pearls in size and colour.

This is not a cheap and nasty pearl necklace but one of the true luxury and stylish ones.

Delivered to you in a lovely box so you can present this superb necklace to your loved one (or treat yourself if you want to be truely indulgent)

Remember cheapness is not always the best.

Give your lady a wonderful gift of a Cream Pearl Necklace

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