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Reviving Art Nouveau Jewelry

Work at reviving Art Nouveau jewelry.

Some of the old Art Nouveau factories in France produced exquisite pieces of jewelry for ordinary people. They did this by hand stamping out of sheet metal using old steel dies .

These rough pieces were polished, finished and silver plated and then fitted with catches so that they could be work as everyday items of beauty.

Lots of the busy metal stamping factories were clustered around the Marais district in Paris but sadly few survived the First World War.

The houses of Gruson, Prat and Janvier (who worked closely with the master jeweller Lalique) are no more.

The skills that worked out the elegant, feminine and intricate lines, which are now called “art nouveau”, perished with the French soldiers who disappeared in such terrible battles like Verdun.

Many of the heavy tools are still in existence and jewelry, brooches and earrings from this priceless resource can still be made.

Luckily we have been able to source some of these dies and then use them to reproduce this lovely work as a homage to their skill and craft.

We are proud to be playing our part in reviving Art Nouveau jewelry.

So although these pieces are not genuine Art Nouveau items they are produced in the modern method from these old dies. This makes them genuine reproductions of the genuine article.

Brooches like the lizard, mare and foal, dragonfly, dancing nymph and many others of our jewelry are unique links to this wonderful past.

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