Unmasked – scandals that didn’t happen


Unmasked – a report on scandals published by the Times that didn’t happen.

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UNMASKED – scandals that didn’t happen

A 72 page book has been published examining articles written by the chief investigative reporter of the Times, Andrew Norfolk.

Written by two experienced journalists. — Professor Brian Cathcart and Paddy French .

The report examines three series of articles which concerned Britain’s 2.7 million strong Muslim community. Three sensational investigations that exposed scandals and made headlines.

The authors found the scandals exposed didn’t happen and basic journalistic standards were sacrificed to create these stories.

The authors believe the evidence suggesting an anti-Muslim editorial policy at the Times is strong enough to warrant an independent investigation.

Unmasked - what the sandals were
Unmasked says these are the scandals that didn’t happen


A copy of the report, which was published on June 26, was sent to every UK Member of Parliament and to selected peers and senior journalists.

On June 27 the Times attacked the report in an editorial branding Unmasked as a “mischievous and politically motivated attempt to smear a reporter long recognized as one of the bravest and most scrupulous in his field.”

The Times editorial can be read here


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