Bluebell drop Earrings – hand enameled


hand enameled authentic bluebell drop earrings

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Bluebell drop earrings

Stylish and elegant Bluebell drop earrings with surgical wires.

Shaped just like a real bluebell with hand enameled blue on the body these are really stunning and authentic in design.

The stamens are loose inside so they move with the movements of your head.

Our bluebell drop earrings are RHODIUM PLATED blue so that they keep their silver shine.  Rhodium is a metal that is more expensive than silver, is more “silver” than silver and does not tarnish.

Each bluebell drop earring has been cold-enameled by hand for that expensive finish.

The ear wires on these earrings are made from surgical steel for your safety.

The length of each bell is 17mm.


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