Posy Pin brooch


posy pin flower holder for weddings or lapels

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Lovely silver plated Posy Pin to hold a button hole or flower decoration on a wedding or other occasion. Ideal size for a lapel or a Kilt.

Look smart with this lovely decorative holder that pins to your lapel.

Silver plated flower holder brooch. Fitted with safety clasp made by Ballou Findings (the best). Length 3 inches (75mm).

Place a damp tissue or cotton wool in the tip to keep the flower fresh.

Ideal for bride groom, groomsman or the father of the bride.

Also looks superb on a kilt – see the photo

Few of the busy metal stamping factories, clustered around the Marais district in Paris, survived the First World War. The houses of Gruson, Prat and Janvier (who worked closely with the master jeweller Lalique) are no more. The skills that worked out the elegant, feminine and intricate lines, which are now called “art nouveau”, perished with the French poilus (soldiers) and disappeared with Verdun. Many of the heavy tools however, cut by hand into the steel of that time, are still in existence; and if you know where to look, and are prepared to subsidise the work, jewellery, brooches and ear-rings from this priceless resource, using silver or brass can still be made. Most of our jewellery is stamped in these old dies, first in brass and finished and silver-plated in Forest Row. So it follows that our art nouveau jewellery range does not represent replicas of old pieces. These are no more than the same pieces in brand-new condition.


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