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Metal Peacock Sculpture Decoration


Metal Peacock Sculpture for Outdoor display

This lovely metal Peacock sculpture will look so impressive in any garden whether it is a little city patio or a lush suburban layout.

Now you can emulate the stately homes with their wandering Peacocks without all the hassle.

The options are endless – you can

  •  Position it where you will either in the middle of the lawn by affixing it to a metal stake or peeking out from a low shrub. You can even fix it to a side wall.
  • Inside your home to enjoy the beauty of this lovely sculpture

Imagine it glowing in the daylight sun with an intriguing silhouette at night.

So you will have the beauty of a peacock without all the annoying screeches or mess they make.

Made out of Iron and Glass and painted with a vibrant blue with stunning flowing tail.

It stands  59 cm high x 53 cm wide/ 23.23 inch high x 20.87 inch high.

Postage free and approx 14 – 21 day delivery

metal peacock sculpture
Metal Peacock Sculpture Decoration