Whistle with dog head


whistle with dog head for pet owners

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Whistle with dog head design

This unique DOG head design whistle is copied from an antique original and bears a stylised dog’s head at the end of the sounding tube.

It has been made in brass then silver plated for lasting use.

Only the most disobedient of dogs will refuse to acknowledge the singular note of this silver plated instrument.

When worn round the neck on a ribbon or chain it will remind you of your faithful companion.

This ribbon or chain will keep it safe for use if a rabbit appears and your canine companion races off.

The second picture shows a 10p coin for scale and the third picture shows the underneath of the head.

If you have any trouble hold it with the head pointed down and blow. It is not designed like the “acme thunderer or referees whistle” to be blown straight ahead in the mouth.


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