Buttonhole flower holder – behind the lapel


Buttonhole  holder to sit behind a lapel and hold a flower

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ButtonHole flower holder.

Look smart, wear a buttonhole with a water reservoir so that the flower will resist wilting – wedding flower holder for that special guest

This is an exact copy of a silver buttonhole flower holder hallmarked in 1906.
Ours is made from sheet brass and is then chrome plated to resist tarnishing.
The reservoir is hidden behind the lapel and can hold tissue or cotton wool soaked in water to keep the flower or posy fresh.
Can be worn by anyone with a empty buttonhole in their lapel.
You can even Provide it as a favor for a wedding party, thus it will remain a souvenir and a useful item in the years to come and your guests will be reminded of that special day.
Or you can be the smart person about town with a lovely flower on your lapel.


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