Novelty Perfume Bottle – Starlings egg style


stylish starlings egg blue coloured perfume bottle and stand

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Starlings egg novelty perfume bottle with a stand

Stunning perfume bottle in the shape of a beautiful blue starlings egg – holds 25ml volume of your favourite perfume or toilet water with a solid brass lathe turned cap and thread silver plated for that added touch of luxury..

It stands at a height of 63mm 2 3/4 inches) and is made out of Porcelain with beautiful and realistic Starlings blue colouring. It comes with it’s own tiny stand so it will sit on any dressing table.

It has been copied from one of Sampson & Mordan’s marvelous Victorian novelties famous for their beauty and style.

It is small enough to fit into the tiniest handbag yet remains stylish and elegant.

This makes a wonderful gift for the woman that values her perfume.

You can get an elegant filler syringe from our shop to make it easy to fill this bottle.


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