The 10 Best Gifts for Men – an easy guide to sparkling present ideas

What are the 10 best gifts for a man who has everything? Gifts for men can be really hard to choose. You want something special and that is going to suit them. Yet you don’t want to buy something they might already have! So, you need to find that unique gift that the receiver will remember on their special day

To help you out, here are 10 of the best gifts for men for you to choose from.

1. Bicycle or Tandem Brooch

There’s a good chance that the man who has everything enjoys cycling. He probably has all the essentials for cycling and the equipment he needs, but these little brooches are a great way to add to his hobby without buying the wrong cycling accessories!

If your partner, brother or father aren’t used to wearing a brooch on their jacket then this will look really stylish on a satchel style bag. It could also be worn as a tie pin as it is small and delicate. This brooch is pewter and silver plated.

Whether they ride a bicycle or a tandem the cyclist in your life will really appreciate this unusual and stylish brooch that is well made and a lovely keepsake…

2. Hoodie with a wolf head design

This fantastic wolf hoodie will make a great gift for men of all ages. It would be a good choice for anyone who likes the outdoors, dogs or just art in general with this modern geometric design.

Hoodies are so comfortable and with this unusual design you won’t find this hoodie on the high street so you can be pretty sure that you’re gift wont be a duplicate! This smart hoodie is going to be a real favourite.

It is super soft and comfortable, with a fleece lining and is a gift that can be enjoyed year round. Whether the man in your life is hiking in the cold during winter, or snuggled up beside you on a beach on a chilly summer night. This is a great gift to give. Go on buy it now.

3. Owl Bookmark with Amber Eyes

This is a gorgeous Silver plated owl bookmark and a really unusual but special gift tor a man who has everything. He probably has plenty of books and this lovely owl will really stand out from his other bookmarks.

Your husband or family member might be just using a slip of scrap paper or turning over the pages! So they will be sure to really appreciate this useful, yet luxury item. The piercing eyes made from real amber will keep watch over their book.

This item is made of brass and silver plated. It is also polished in the UK. This will make a really great gift. Make your bookworm happy now.

4. Lapis Lazuli Cuff Links

This is a luxury item at an affordable price that is perfect for the Gentleman in your life. These would be ideal for someone who wears formal business attire or perhaps has a special event coming up in the year ahead such, as a wedding to attend.

Cuff links are very much on trend for men and these handmade cuff links all have an individual look. Currently the Lapis Lazuli is an intense dark blue with the characteristic shimmering golden flecks. The chain and sides are sterling silver and the chain allows for flexibility at the wrist.

This really is a superb piece of craftsmanship that is sure to be appreciated.

5. Elliptical cufflinks in Paua shell

Very similar to the gift above but this would make an ideal little extra gift for someone special and it would also be suitable for a gentlemen you do not know as well. If you are unsure what to get a male work colleague, or your Granddaughters’ new boyfriend for example, then this would be a wonderful idea.

These cufflinks are very smart and an on-trend item. They also come in a plush blue velvet pouch so you don’t even need to wrap them (unless you wish to of course!). This item also comes with free delivery like all our gifts do.

6. Money Money Basketball Socks

These fun and casual socks will make a great gift for those who like a sports. They are custom made basketball socks with a money theme and are very comfortable.

This unusual gift is a great option for a man who has everything. They are on-trend and stylish so they are sure to be appreciated.

7. Laburnum Design Writing Paper

This is a fabulous and unique gift. If the man in your life enjoys putting pen to paper then this gift will enable them to write letters to old friends or younger family members that will enjoy hearing about their news and stories. Letters make wonderful keepsakes and can be really special to those who receive them.

This writing paper has a stunning, yet understated Laburnum design that will suit gardeners, nature lovers and those that appreciate art. This is a really lovely gift for those who are looking for a gift that keeps on giving.

8. Hare & Moon Pillbox in Paua Shell

Hares are an adored aspect of the British countryside and here the hare stands gazing at the moon in front of a gorgeous Paua shell background enhanced with mother or pearl.

You’ll be pleased to know that your gift choice is sustainably sourced and high-quality, it is also hypoallergenic for piece of mind. This useful and decorative piece comes in a plush velvet bag which adds a really special extra touch.

9. Gardening Pad for Potting Up

It can be a challenge to buy a gift for the practical man in your life but this Gardening Pad for potting up could be the ideal gift. It’s going to be a very useful gift for gardeners and something they might not have thought of!

Instead of potting up on the greenhouse bench and soil and water getting all over the place, they can keep everything inside the pad. It is waterproof due to the unique lock design and the soil that falls out can be tipped back into the bag to be used again saving any wastage!

Thankfully, there is no smell to the product as it is made of a high-quality material that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is also easy to clean and can be folded down for easy storage.

10. Tortoiseshell-Coloured Metal Tin Keepsake Gift

This lovely retro style tin in a tortoiseshell colour (not the real thing thankfully these days!) will make a lovely gift that can be personalised. It’s a great idea as a gift for children to give to Dad or Grandad. Or even your partner as a little extra gift at Christmas or perhaps for an anniversary.

You can choose a selection of their favourite sweets to put in it. Or perhaps make some biscuits or fudge to show them how special they are. You could put a bag of their favourite artisan coffee in the tin or some seeds for gardening during the year ahead!

The tin can then be kept and reused so this really is a gift that will last and last.

Final Word: The 10 Best Gifts for Men

Above are ten fantastic gift ideas for the man in your life who has everything. Whether they enjoy sports, dressing with style, reading of gardening we have something for everyone. For all our gifts for men, the postage to any UK address is included in the price, which is very helpful. Take a look at our list and see which you like best!

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