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Best reasons to buy white metal kits to assemble and paint

White metal Kits of cars and Traction engines

MG TD Midget
MG TD Midget kit assembled
allchin road engine kit
allchin road engine kit assembled and painted

At some time in our lives some of us start assembling kits to make cars and planes. Usually these are plastic and consist of a small number of parts that are glued together. Then we either stick transfers on or paint realistically.

There are many types of kits and models but quite often this phase passes when the shelves become full.

However when we get a bit older we either pass onto other hobbies or if we are a real enthusiasts our attention turns to more complicated things to make.

Now there is the most beautiful challenge that has superb results when they are finally assembled and painted.

This is a white metal kit. Cast out of a light metal alloy these are scale kits (usually 1:24 – that is one inch = 24 inches) and the resulting finished item can be truely classed as a museum quality item.

You can see some stunning examples here

Whether it is a classic and iconic sports or racing car or the more exotic traction engines the finished item will give a fantastic sense of achievement.

The car usually has detailed parts that reveal an intensely accurate example and when painted in the correct livery can be displayed on a shelf to provide a proud achievement of something special.

The best kits provide you with a detailed assembly plan with special ideas and suggestions on how to get the best out of your item. Sometimes you even get exploded diagrams showing each important component.

We think these are some of the best kits

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